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Odile Decq

Founder of ODBC studio with BenoƮt Cornette

Odile Decq began studying architecture at the University of Rennes , later completing her studies at the University of Paris VI , where with Philippe Boudon , she participated in the drafting of theoretical works on architecture. She became an architect in 1978, in 1979 she obtained a specialization in urban planning at the Paris Institute of Political Studies . In 1980 you partnered with the architect Benoît Cornette and together created the ODBC studio (from the initials of the two architects).

Odile Decq in 2001 was commissioned to build the expansion of the MACRO (Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome) already located in the former Peroni beer factory in Rome. The opening of the new building is scheduled for 2010. Decq has been a member of the French Academy of Architecture since 1997, Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters since 2001, Knight of the Legion of Honor since 2003. In August 2007 she was appointed director of the Special School of Architecture.

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