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Architectural Designer at FSB Architects/Engineers

Interested in thought intensive design for the amplification/attenuation of cultural phenomena.

James is a Denver native who was educated at UCLA and worked in Los Angeles at Morphosis Architects, SOM, and Tom Wiscombe Architecture.

Over three years at Morphosis, James worked in every phase on large, 100,000+ square meter projects that utilized big-idea urban design and distinct form to respond to complex conditions. Most notably, he was a design team core member for the U.S. Embassy Campus in Beirut, which is scheduled for completion in 2023. He also worked at the opposite end of the spectrum, designing a micro-scale social and infrastructural unit to aid impoverished Haitian communities.

In addition to James’ architectural work, he was an integral member of Morphosis’ complementary ego, The Now Institute, which operates as an urban design laboratory. He worked to produce Haiti Now, a 700+ page visual almanac that analyzes Haiti’s problems and opportunities through graphics. It serves as a foundation for planners, politicians, aid workers, designers, and other cultural investigators to inspire new possibilities.

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