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Eva Prats

Founder of Flores & Prats with Ricardo Flores

Eva Prats was born in Barcelona in 1965. She studied architecture at the ETSAB, where she graduated in 1992. Since 1986 she collaborated with Enric Miralles. In 1993, Eva Prats participated the EUROPAN III International Housing Competition, starting her own practice in 1994. In 1998 she established Flores & Prats with Ricardo Flores. In March 2019 she completed her PhD at RMIT University with a dissertation titled "To Observe with the Client, to Draw with the Existing. Three cases of architecture dealing with the As Found", directed by Jo Van Den Berghe, Leon van Shaik and Martyn Hook. She is Associate Professor of Design Studio at ETSAB since 2002. Since 2014 she is also Professor of Architecture and Urbanism – Industry Fellow at the RMIT – Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

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