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Emergent Technologies and Design (EmTech) Programme Director

Elif Erdine is an architect, designer, and researcher. She conducted her PhD in Design at the Architectural Association (AA) between 2010–2015 where she is also currently the Emergent Technologies and Design Programme Head. Since 2010 she has been directing various AA Visiting School programmes (AA Istanbul VS, AA DLAB), exploring generative design techniques, integration of algorithmic design methods with large-scale digital fabrication tools. She has worked for Zaha Hadid Architects during 2006–2010. She received her BArch degree from Istanbul Technical University in 2003, and MArch degree from the AA Design Research Lab (Architecture and Urbanism (DRL)) in 2006. Her research interests include the role of the individual building within complex urban systems, the exploration of urban data as design drivers, biomimicry, and robotic design and fabrication. She has presented her research in Design Studies, eCAADe, CAAD Futures, SimAUD, and ACADIA, among others.

Elf’s research interests revolve around the integration of algorithmic generative design with large-scale digital fabrication tools and robotic fabrication techniques. Her PhD thesis focused on developing a generative system of design that offers simultaneous integration and differentiation throughout the subsystems of a concept for a tall building during the conceptual design phase. Her wider research interests include biomimicry, complex adaptive systems, and robotic fabrication.

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